Professionally Market and Sell your Company and Products

All the product development and sourcing know how means little if you cannot effectively market and sell your products. Brand building is often the most puzzling aspect of business to production-oriented business owners and entrepreneurs. Building your brand means presenting a compelling value to your end user, but also distributors, wholesalers and retail buyers who must be convinced that:

  1. Your product fulfills a customer need
  2. Your product fulfills that need better or more profitably than your competitors product
  3. You have the ability and resources to drive buyers to their stores to ensure sell- through


One of Thielen Marketing’s greatest strengths is helping small- to mid-sized manufacturers find buyers for their products. We have the relationships and first-hand knowledge to help your organization with:

  • Building relationships with distributors, buying groups and retailers 
  • Preparing product marketing plans
  • Branding, packaging design and product line extensions
  • Developing polished and impactful sales presentations
  • Producing high-quality imagery, marketing materials and websites

Thielen Marketing helps take the guesswork out of bringing your products to market by helping you build your brand, connecting you with vendors who specialize in marketing small and medium-sized business, and connecting you with buyers who can make a true impact on your business.