Understanding the Benefits and Hurdles of Overseas Importing

Companies large and small, in every state and every industry, are outsourcing their product manufacturing needs overseas to save money, stay competitive and protect their bottom line. Cost efficiency is a clear advantage to outsourcing production overseas. Unfortunately, many of the risks and challenges are less obvious.

Product sourcing overseas means overcoming a variety of barriers: time, distance, language and culture. These are just a few of the questions you must continually ask yourself:

  • What factories should I trust?
  • Can they really deliver on what they promise?
  • Will my product come in on time, and to my required specifications?
  • Do I have any recourse?

Thielen Marketing, Inc  breaks down these barriers, and helps reduce the risks of sourcing your manufacturing with factories you can’t directly oversee.

Let us find the perfect partner for your production needs.

For the past two decades, we’ve identified, vetted and partnered with high quality manufacturers and production talent in Asia. Based on your unique needs, we will find the right factory partner to take you from prototype to finished product. Throughout the process, we act as your advocate abroad, ensuring products are delivered on time, on budget and to your specifications.

Managing quality control is a top priority.

Many companies struggle with overseas manufacturing because they underestimate how difficult it can be to manage the process remotely. When you work with Thielen Marketing, Inc, we are your eyes and ears on the factory floor, overseeing the production of your product from materials through packaging.

We’ve established trusting relationships with seasoned in-country agents who know what to look for, how to solve problems and can guarantee a job well done.